An Array Of New Games At Olympics 2020


Skateboarding is no more a pursuit under a bridge, it is now time for skateboarding and a variety of other sports to reach the apex of world sporting. Karate, surfing, sports climbing, baseball and skateboarding are the five exciting sports that have been added to the 2020 Olympics to be held in Tokyo. The International Olympic Committee in its recent discussion has brought out this decision. The officials also brought out the fact that Olympics is enduring a comprehensive evolution in the modern history. The addition of five new sports adds to 18 events and paves way for 474 athletes to showcase their talents.

olym1The announcement of the addition of 5 new sports has brought out immense excitement amidst young athletes. The International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Organizing Committee jointly took forward this idea. Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee added that the five new sports are an innovative blend into the Olympics. The new games are sure to add a legacy to the 2020 Olympics. Of the five games, karate, surfing, skateboarding and sports climbing are being introduced for the very first time. However, baseball made its appearance in the 2008 Olympics. These five new games are sure to fulfill the lifetime dreams of many athletes.

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