Kitchen Table Politics Discusses Higher Education Prospects

President Bush meets with Sudan vice president at the White House in Washington

Kitchen Table Politics is a podcast series in five parts. Each part is linked to a particular phase in life. The second part eventually discusses the perspectives of higher education. The two eminent dignitaries who share their views on higher education include the chief economic writer from FiveThirtyEight’s, Ben Casselman and president of the Institute for Higher Education Policy in Washington, D.C., Michelle Asha Cooper. The viewpoints on the costs of higher education were explicitly discussed. The importance of certificate programs offered by colleges was brought out prominently. The higher rates of enrollment at community colleges were highlighted by Ben.

The views of Michelle warrant the need for an affordable higher education. The higher education should be liable to frame the career of the students. It should also suit the lifestyle of students with financial crunches. Higher education programs should have its policies right. Higher education should offer an equal focus on students who attend the school on a part-time basis. As per the research statistics, 70 percent of the students opt for loans to pursue higher studies. On graduating from a private institution, the loan debts reach to astronomical figures which pose a big misery during repayment. It is now time to reform the higher education platform.

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