Exterminating Bed Bugs

Exterminating Bed Bugs – Powerful Indian Remedies

In the present generation, it is quite uncomfortable when an unwanted visitor comes over to your place and freaks you out at regular intervals. This is the best way to describe the household which is infested by bed bugs. The pest control agents are full of remedies to control the bed bugs. Bed Bug Control

Many people are not aware of the presence of one of the most powerful remedy to get rid of the bed bugs, the Indian way!

History Of Bed Bugs

Before the Second World War, the bed bugs were very common in America. The native Indians even followed a native remedy to kill the bed bugs. As there was advancement in technology and increase in hygiene, the methods became less used.

But, the native remedies were the ones that were used to kill the bugs along with the new methods. The native Indian way was much useful in the households that were thronged by these creatures.

The usage of DDT was widespread some 6 decades back, and that was when the bed bugs vanished from the scenario, they almost became extinct, and hence, the native ways were no more practiced.

In the regions where the Indian remedies were not used, they bed bugs continued plundering the masses, and they stayed on and multiplied. Europe, Africa, Asia, South America were worst affected. They were not used to the native Indian remedy, nor were they equipped with DDT.

The comeback of the bed bugs is one of the most horrifying things that most of the people there ever experienced. They are multiplying in numbers in houses, motels, hotels, etc. They are now feeling sad for not knowing the effective Indian ways to exterminate these creatures.

The immigrants who come to the US from other countries have been held responsible for bringing back the dreaded bed bugs back to the United States. The hitchhikers also contributed to this. The pesticides were not of much use with the bed bugs. They are now finding the Native Indian Remedies more efficient to get rid of the bed bugs.

The comeback of the bed bugs is also attributed to the pathetic hygiene, and the DDT used that were very weak. The bed bugs are now getting used to the pesticides, and they are becoming immune to that kind of a chemical. The native Indian method which was employed before the Second World War was much more efficient than any other method that is followed now.

Habits and Description

The basic habits of these bed bugs must have been carefully calculated by the native Indians to have come up with the ideas to kill the bed bugs.

Bed bugs are really small, they are reddish brown, and they are flattened creatures that have resemblance to the apple seeds. They primarily feed on blood, and they remain close to their prey all the time. They are shy, and do not move around during day time.

The United States of America is not the country to be affected by the bed bugs. These insects have been described in ancient texts also.

Only the native Indian remedy was available in the texts to exterminate these pesky creatures. The Greek, the Europeans did not come up with a remedyto kill these bugs.

This might be because the Indian remedies worked best on bed bugs, or maybe the bed bugs there preferred the wild hosts like other animals and not humans.

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