ITT Technical Institute Faces A Shutdown


The ITT Technical Institute runs more than 130 schools in the United States which accommodate 45,000 students. It was recently announced that the institution would be closed down soon. The institution has also stopped enrolling new students. To spare the future of the students, the education department forced a quick shutdown. On cutting down the federal student aid, the ITT Technical Institute failed to survive. The huge profit oriented ITT Technical Institute was brought down in a matter of few weeks. The education department also enabled the parent company of ITT Technical Institute to post a credit amount. This credit amount served as a buffer for students.

iit1The department of education had a justification for its action in its own terms. This is definitely not a case where government has meddled with the market. As the ITT Technical Institute received a substantial amount of student loans and Pell grants, it was seamlessly reasonable for the education department to attach its clauses. The ITT Technical Institute also exhibited many threatening signs in terms of poor education quality, grade inflation, forceful recruiting strategy, high dropout rates and squat loan repayment rates. These signs significantly depicted a poor institution that warranted for a quick closure. The ITT Technical Institute failed to live up to its mark.

iit2In the meantime, Maura Healey, the Attorney General of Massachusetts has sued the school for apparently deceiving students in the name of job placements. This lawsuit would grant loan forgiveness to a number of students based on the grounds of swindle. Having existed since the year 1969, the ITT Technical Institute has not gained positive virtues. Too much of money to the ITT Technical Institute through grants and aids went down in flames soon. The accountability of the college improves when it is left in private hands. The ITT Technical Institute disaster is a big learning to all from different fronts.

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National Spelling Bee Abuzz With Talented Youngsters

national-spelling-beeThere was a hush all around the stage. No one wanted to take their eyes off the two genius children who now sat facing their biggest challenge. Who would lift the trophy of one of the most prestigious events held annually in the United States? And, the finale was nothing that was expected!

The 89th Scripps National Spelling Bee Competition was conducted at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center situated in the picturesque town of National Harbor, Maryland on the 24th of this month. This is the annual pilgrimage site for all those talented youngsters who have been put under the S-P-E-L-L of spelling! Every year we see thousands of kids out-spelling each other in order to be declared the brightest in the country. And, this year was certainly no different!

There were two hundred and eighty four contestants at the beginning of the contest. This contest saw many familiar faces, as there is no bar on the reappearance of the candidates of the previous years from competing again. Most of these talented kids were in the age group of six to fifteen, but this year had a special entry in the form of Class-One student Akash from Texas.

After a tough written test and an even tougher oral round, the 45 finalists were finally selected to participate in the main events. Again after subsequent rounds, most of these children had to bid adieu to their dreams as well. At the end of seven really stressful rounds, the judges were able to get 10 of the smartest spellers amongst the millions that had applied.

This year’s finals were certainly a nail-biting event. This year too saw the emergence of two winners. Jairam Hathwar and Nihar Janga were declared co-champions after sparring each other for a total of 24 championship rounds.