Car Insurance for teens is expensive

Car Insurance for teens is expensive

It is commonly known that auto insurance for teens is expensive. Insurance companies are aware that teenagers are very risky and reckless drivers, and they charge very high rates in order to cover themselves. That is all nice to know but it does not change the fact that you’ll get a headache when you receive your first insurance bill after adding your son or daughter. Things get even worse if you have more than one kid, driving around and living in the same house at the same timecar insurance contact Ed Cuellar for the best Auto Insurance rates

So what can you do to save some dollars on car insurance for teens?! You can take a look at some of these tips:

Tip #1 Does your teenager drive to school every single day? I’d say probably not. So why not try and classify him/her as an “occasional driver.” The thing is, not every insurance company allows you to do that. It won’t do any harm asking though.

Tip #2 If your teen has above average grades at school, they might be eligible for some discount. Make sure you ask your insurance company. As a general pointer, a 3.0GPA is necessary. If your teenager is in college, they might be required to be on the dean’s list, or be one of the better students among their classmates.

Tip #3 Also, if they decide to take an additional driver’s course, they might be eligible for certain discount. Be sure to ask your insurance agent about it. They might be required to take a certain type of course.

Tip #4 One of the most important thing when trying to save with teen insurance costs is to go and get him as older car as possible, not jeopardizing safety of course. Don’t go and buy him a brand new Mustang. Instead let him drive the family min van. It may not be the most appealing teenage ride, but its better then no ride whatsoever.

Tip #5 If you do decide to buy him/her a brand new car, then make sure it’s a car that is classified as a “low risk.” That excludes sport cars as a thumb of rule. Get a safe car, meaning, more air bags, alarm protection system, ABS brakes, ESP, etc… Now you’re sure to get some additional discount and a better rate too. This does not apply just to teenage drivers, but to all ages.

Now you might be thinking. Isn’t it better, cheaper and more convenient for me to get my son his own insurance policy. But if they he is still minor and living in the same house as you, then it won’t be the smartest choice. People get big savings just by insuring everyone in the family altogether in a bundle. Insuring a teenager aside from the family is much more expensive. The best and cheapest choice would be to get a family policy.

And now, the greatest savings tip of all times. Make your teens get a job!! They are fit enough to work and pay for their own gas or auto insurance.

These tips are a sure way for you to save some money on car insurance for your kids. But as a general rule, having a teenage hormone raging driver in the house is an expensive addition to you auto insurance premium.
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